And yes, it’s on sale for Black Friday.
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GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thanksgiving is just days away, and with many of us madly dashing around the kitchen in preparation for the biggest food holiday of the year, we appreciate all the kitchen tools that cut down on food-prep time. The good news is that this major holiday coincides with Black Friday, the best time of the year to shop for the most-wished-for kitchen appliances and cookware at serious discounts.

So many of the most highly rated kitchen tools are marked down right now on Amazon, and one of them is Geryon’s best-selling automatic vacuum food sealer. As part of the retailer’s huge Black Friday deals program, the food sealer is currently 32 percent off for a limited time.

What makes this vacuum food sealer such a great option for holiday food prep is that it comes with a full starter kit that includes the machine, a vacuum roll, and five pre-cut bags—so if a big thawing turkey is taking up all the space in your refrigerator and leaving none for your side dishes, you can use Geryon’s product to seal up your stuffing and Brussels sprouts to minimize the space they’ll need.

However, this food sealer isn’t just for the holidays; Amazon shoppers love it for general food prep all year round. “The new sealer works perfectly, is big enough for larger items like roasts, small enough to fit easily on counter, and can even handle longer items if needed like entire fish filets,” said one reviewer.

Another writes, “I like to buy big packages of meat, season them and freeze in individual portions to use at a later date. I usually use freezer ziplock bags but love that this seals it much more efficiently.”

Customers on Amazon have also raved about how convenient this vacuum sealer is for sous-vide cooking. “We got this vacuum sealer for our new hobby of cooking food with sous vide and this machine does a great job packaging the meat for the sous vide,” said a shopper. “It’s easy to use, looks nice on our kitchen counter, and seals without fail.”

With December’s holidays just around the corner, we’re looking to this vacuum sealer to ease cumbersome food prep efforts all month long. As the highest-ranked vacuum sealer in Amazon’s home and kitchen category, we’re sure that Geryon won’t let us down, so go ahead and shop the Greyon food vacuum sealer while it’s still on sale.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $37.39 (originally $54.99);