It sold out in 19 hours. But now it's back in stock! 

We all know that Prime Day is popular (the Instant Pot was on sale for $60, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such a major discount?) but it might actually shock you to find out just how well Amazon sales do during these big events: According to the company’s calculations, Amazon sold around 100 million products on Prime Day, raking in close to $4 billion dollars.

Among the most popular Prime Day customer purchases were the Echo Spot and Echo Show, which if you didn’t know, can actually be incredibly useful in the kitchen. The aforementioned Instant Pot sold out on Prime Day in 19 hours, becoming the best selling product in the Home & Kitchen category. Thankfully, it’s back in stock (at its regular price of course). A personal water filtration system called LifeStraw, which lets you remove bacteria and parasites from water while camping, hiking, or otherwise mobile, also became a bestseller.

Amazon might have had help achieving those record-breaking sales from Whole Foods, which took part in the event this year. The grocery store chain (which is owned by Amazon) offered shoppers $10 to spend on Prime Day if they spent $10 on groceries.

Even site shutdowns (which apparently yielded adorable pictures of dogs) couldn’t keep the company from making a boatload of money. Estimates now say that Amazon is worth about $900 billion dollars, according to CNBC.

Target launched its own sale to compete with Prime Day, and far from being swept away by the giant company, Target ended up having the single “highest day of traffic and sales in 2018.” Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s, and Sears all held similar sales.

Competition clearly helps consumers: With Prime Day proving to be so popular, more companies want in on the action, which means more discounted products we love. Everyone wins (and gets an Instant Pot, apparently).