This is how Amazon gets your order to you so quickly. 
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Credit: jahcottontail143—Getty Images

Amazon Prime members already know that their order can arrive on their doorstep fast. Scary fast, sometimes. But how do they do it? The company has finally revealed exactly how it’s able to achieve such fast delivery, and no, it's not harnessing the power of dark magic to get your dog beds and knife sets to you in record time. It actually has to do with giant airplanes packed full of all our purchases—planes so big that they get can fit 10,000 Instant Pots.

All the boxes are loaded into what are known as Unit Load Devices, which fit perfectly inside Prime Air planes and are specially designed to fit as many boxes as possible. Each plane can hold up to 30 of these shipping containers—which are equivalent to one million echo dots or 10,000 Instant Pots, the retailer reveals. And thank goodness for that because basically everyone is clamoring to get their hands on one of those right now.

The entire process takes as little as two hours. First, the trailers containing the packages arrive at the airport, then the boxes are sorted at the warehouse, loaded into the shipping containers and on to the planes. That’s pretty impressive, give that the company receives 35 orders per second. It’s this super-efficient system that makes two-day Prime delivery happen.

Amazon Prime also recently unveiled some extra member rewards: steep discount at Whole Foods. Prime members are also eligible for free 2-hour Whole Foods delivery.

In some places, Amazon even offers same-day delivery for as little $6 in around 8,000 cities around the country. That’s about as convenient as you can get—and really works in a pinch if you’re desperate for a last-minute gift or if your stand mixer breaks in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner or if you just wake up one morning and think "I wanna make waffles," then realize you don't have a waffle maker.