Plus, our best recipes for this all-in-one appliance. 

Crock-pot prime day sale
Credit: steele2123/Getty Images

Amazon Prime Day is upon us, and there are so many deals awaiting you during the 36-hour shopping extravaganza that you might not know where to start. Thankfully we’re here to help: From grilling equipment to a luxury icemaker and cast iron skillets, Food & Wine has your complete guide to the best Prime Day deals. Plus, Whole Foods is in on the action for the first time this year, offering a $10 Prime Day credit when you spend $10 at the grocery store chain, and—if you're a Whole Foods Visa card member—10 percent off up to $400 in purchases through Tuesday, July 17. Another awesome deal you won't want to miss: The 6-quart crock-pot will be available for 25 percent off.

This crock-pot is perfect for people who need an easier, faster way to cook weeknight meals, or just appreciate simplicity in the kitchen. The multi-use appliance can complete super basic tasks like steam vegetables and cook chili but did you know that you can also cook baked potatoes in your crock pot, which leaves your microwave and oven free for other dishes? Yes, the crock-pot is magic like that—it can take on just about any cooking task you throw at it, and the best part is, the cooking process is almost entirely hands-off, meaning while dinner is cooking, you’re free to concentrate on your other household duties (or, you know, relax).

Some of our best crock-pot recipes include a silky cheesecake (just be sure to keep the lid closed while it’s cooking, so that the pot retains heat); barbecue pulled pork, which can be heaped between two hamburger buns for sandwiches during summer cookouts; and meatballs in tomato sauce.

Stews are a classic crock-pot dish, which are super simple to make (because all you have to do is toss the ingredients in the pot and let them simmer) but still incredibly satisfying. In the fall and winter, you’ll probably be happy to have an appliance that makes weeknight dinners a cinch. Want to get even more creative in the kitchen? Here’s a guide to creating your own crock-pot recipes.