By Joey Skladany
Updated August 15, 2016
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Amazon, cooking show, kitchen
Credit: © Rachel Murray/WireImage/Getty Images

Thanks to Amazon, Ready…Set…Cook! has turned into Ready…Set…Click!.

The world’s largest e-retailer is testing a one-click food order service that will coincide with a streaming cooking show. Though its debut is currently taking place in Japan, its success could eventually change the culinary landscape for one-stop-shop options in the US.

As part of a collaboration with Japanese production company Yoshimoto Kogyo, the program will spotlight Japanese cuisine and incorporate local celebrities. Viewers with Amazon accounts can buy, with a single click, items they see in the video in realtime. This obviously saves customers the time and hassle of creating a grocery list and going to the supermarket, all while training them how to cook with the help of familiar faces.

We're hoping the idea is a hit and brought to the States immediately. Because who wouldn't want to buy Ina Garten-themed foods and products while watching Barefoot Contessa?

[h/t Time]