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A common note of dissatisfaction sounded by some contributors to Kickstarter projects is that delivery of items gets repeatedly delayed. Sometimes permanently. The response from those active in the community is that contributing to a Kickstarter is an investment in an unproven company. It’s not like going shopping in a store. And those Kickstarter acolytes have a point. A Kickstarter contribution is not like logging on to Amazon and just ordering something. At least it wasn’t. Today, the retail giant announced that it is partnering with the crowdfunding site to sell a number of products that successfully met their funding goals. And, for those of you irritated by the sometimes slow arrival of your Kickstarter rewards, almost everything comes with Amazon’s two-day Prime shipping option.

The whole operation is part of Amazon’s Launchpad, the section of the site devoted to startups. In a statement, Amazon Vice President Jim Adkins said, "We created the Amazon Launchpad program a year ago to serve creators, inventors, and startups. Our goal is to enable them to reach Amazon’s hundreds of millions of customers and to overcome one of the biggest challenges any startup faces – bringing their product to market successfully."

Available items include some of our favorites like the Picobrew Zymatic (probably the first in the long line of “easy to use” home beer brewing machines), to Leanne Brown’s book on eating on $4 a day (originally a project to help those on SNAP benefits) to the first self-brewing coffee cup. Just don’t expect to find the Coolest Cooler. We don’t think even the power of Amazon can save it now.