Amazon, Meal Service
Credit: © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Amazon is expanding their AmazonFresh service and jumping on the ever-growing meal kit delivery bandwagon. It will not however, have the same catchy ring as a Blue Apron or a Plated. The new service will be in partnership with Tyson Foods and will reportedly be named Tyson Taste Makers.

Recipe-based meal delivery kits have become big business the last few years. A trend that began with Blue Apron now includes a long roster of competitors. There are even themed versions, such as southern-themed PeachDish and the vegan Purple Carrot. Even the New York Times is partnering with Chef’d to cash in on the action.

"We're expanding our relationship with Amazon Fresh to sell fresh protein as well as partner with them around innovation," Tyson Foods CEO Donald Smith said in an earnings call, pushing the new service that will launch this fall.

Ready-to-cook ingredients already portioned out to fit a specific recipe has been a major success in recent years, providing a bridge between delivery and the amateur home cook – a rather logical next step for the brand that prides itself on delivering anything and everything that feasibly can be delivered.