Customers can get wine advice from experts by phone.

Pouring Wine
Credit: © Jeremy & Claire Weiss/Day 19

Imagine you're browsing the cookbooks section on Amazon, then wander into their kitchenware department, and suddenly remember you need a bottle of wine for your dinner party next week. Starting today, if you live in Japan, you can ask for a certified sommelier to call you between noon and 5 p.m. for advice on any red, white or sparkling wine they sell on the site.

Experts are assumed to be knowledgable about the 8,000 or so bottles currently available on Amazon Japan—and should be able to call you back within a few minutes of receiving the request. In addition, phone consultants will explain food and wine pairings, so shoppers can know which wines go best with, say, yakitori dishes or sushi. The wine (or wines) will then make their way to the customer's home via the usual Amazon delivery system. There is no instant on-demand bottle service right now, at least as far as we know.