The retail giant’s convenience store sells everything from Whole Foods snacks to meal kits.
Credit: David Ryder/Getty Images

Amazon made headlines earlier this year when the famously all-digital retailer did what some might think unthinkable in this increasingly online age: It opened a brick and mortar convenience store. Following in the steps of the company’s Amazon Books stores, the first Amazon Go store (located on the ground floor of an Amazon building in downtown Seattle) opened in January with an attempt to gain foot traffic rather than web traffic. The hook for the Amazon Go store was its "just walk out" cashier-less model which allowed customers to walk in, pick up whatever items they needed, and leave. The ringing up and payment would be completely automated. As of today, Amazon has officially doubled its reach with a second location that opened this morning—once again—in Seattle.

The second Amazon Go store sports a slightly smaller footprint (1,450 square feet compared to the first store’s 1,800) and a more limited selection, too. While the original location also offered groceries, beer, and wine, the newest outlet is sticking to snacks, prepared foods, and meal kits, along with just a few staple items like milk and bread, according to the Seattle Times. The pilot location was the first to be open to the public, but you might say this new store marks the official launch of the chain, as it's completely unattached to the Amazon campus.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it had its sights set on opening six stores by the in end of 2018 in cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, though those exact opening and location details have yet to be announced. Of course, Amazon's ownership of Whole Foods already puts the retail giant in the supermarket business in dozens of major cities already, but with these smaller, quick-service models appealing to office workers on lunch breaks and commuters grabbing some last-minute groceries, it seems the company that started as a humble online bookstore increasingly has its eye on selling us what we eat.

The new Amazon Go store is located at 920 Fifth Avenue, near the Seattle Central Library (about ten blocks from the first store at 2121 7th Avenue). Operating hours are on weekdays only from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.