And that's not the only new city that's getting this new perk...

whole foods
Credit: ©  RJ Sangosti / Getty Images

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer who shops at Whole Foods, you're probably familiar with some of the perks by now: Discounts on Prime Day and access to exclusive deals at the grocery store chain, and free two-hour delivery that's been gradually rolling out in cities across the country. When the delivery service launched in February, it started in four cities: Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach. It's now available in 24 cities, and there are no signs of expansion slowing down. Today the company announced that parts of Long Island, New York City, and Florida now have access to the delivery service.

As Newsday reports, in Long Island delivery will reach "Hollis Hills in Queens and extend east past Port Jefferson and Brookhaven," while lower Manhattan and Brooklyn will be the first to get the service in New York City. It's also now available in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach, in Florida.

If you’re a Prime member, two-hour delivery is free. If you want your groceries to arrive on your doorstep in an hour, however there is an $8 charge.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only superstore with a fast delivery service. Walmart launched it’s own delivery service to compete with Amazon this year. By the end of 2018, the retailer said it hopes its service will be available to at least “40 percent of U.S. households.”

Kroger, meanwhile, recently partnered with U.K. supermarket giant Ocado to develop its own delivery system, to great success: The supermarket is now leading grocery store delivery sales. (Not so fast, Amazon!)

Although these popular chains are duking it out for grocery delivery supremacy, only a small number of Americans actually have their groceries delivered—about 2 percent. Of course, that number is expected to continue to grow, so let the best supermarket win.