"Alexa, bring me a glass of rosé." 

Credit: jahcottontail143—Getty Images

Good news for anyone who finds themselves in desperate need of alcohol in The Lone Star State. Amazon has just announced that it has extended its offer of free two-hour booze delivery for Prime members to a bunch of major cities in Texas.

Amazon first introduced free, quick delivery on beer, wine and sometimes spirits in 2015 in its home base of Seattle, Washington. Since then, ill-prepared partiers across the country have waited patiently as the online shopping giant began rolling out the service in other major metropolitan areas. Now, you can add Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio to that list – at least for beer and wine.

For those in need of a refresher, to use the service, you must first be an Amazon Prime member (which now costs $119 per year). From there, you can get free two-hour delivery via Prime Now during select hours depending on the city. If you need even faster alcohol turnaround (you know it happens!), you can shorten your delivery window to just one hour for a $4.99 delivery fee. Yes, it’s a tough call.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the expansion comes after Amazon recently obtained permits to sell beer and wine as a retailer, allowing the company to ship these items directly from five of its warehouses in Texas. Previously, some beer had been available for delivery from Amazon via Whole Foods, but these new licenses mean that Amazon no longer has to work through a retailer like some other online alcohol delivery services are required to do.

Speaking of which, Amazon also points out that you don’t have to just buy alcohol through Prime Now. You can also get fast two-hour delivery on things like groceries, electronics and office supplies. But, seriously, who has ever gotten excited at the prospect of getting a two-hour turnaround on an order of paper clips?