You can finally get yelled at by the chef from the comfort of your own home kitchen.
Gordon Ramsay Amazon Alexa
Credit: FOX/Getty Images

You would think that after witnessing it, most people would not want to recreate the experience of being in the proximity of an enraged, screaming Gordon Ramsay ripping into chefs' cooking skills and/or other perceived personal deficiencies, but each week disproves this thesis further and further. Yes, hot off the heels of the staggeringly successful opening of Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas, Ramsay is lending his trademark berating to a much smaller, domestic device: the Amazon Alexa.

gordon ramsay
Credit: Courtesy of Ground Control

If you saw Ramsay's work in Amazon's recent Super Bowl ad, in which he filled in for the standard Alexa voice, you'll have an idea of just what this new ability will be like. Developed by Amazon and interactive audio company Ground Control, the "Gordon Ramsay skill" is free to enable on all Amazon Alexa devices, and, according to Amazon, will let users "hear what it feels like to work in chef Ramsay’s kitchen" and "listen to him review whatever dish they’ve made."

“I can't wait for everyone to have fun with this new skill for Amazon Alexa," says Ramsay in a statement. "I’ll review any dish you throw at me.” You can probably imagine the look on the chefs face as he added: "we all need to lighten up in the kitchen sometimes, don't we?!"

And while Ramsay's rage is terrifying (yet often constructive), it is true that his gentler side could provide just the encouragement you need. After all, it was just last week that he surprised former Hell’s Kitchen competitor Christina Wilson by having her entire house renovated. Plus, he's pretty nice on MasterChef Junior (as he better be!), and his Master Class trailer provides a surprisingly suitable soundtrack to meditation. Whether the Alexa Gordon Ramsay skill will help you avoid speeding tickets with cling wrap, though—well, that might have to wait for a future software update.