Here's Where Amazon Offers 2-Hour Booze Delivery

Portland, OR joins the list of a dozen Amazon Prime Now territories offering two-hour alcohol delivery.

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For some people, Amazon isn't just an online retailer, it's a way of life. Thanks to Amazon Prime, everything is delivered directly to their door for free within two days. For customers looking for even faster turnaround, Amazon launched Prime Now which promises free same day—or even one- or two-hour delivery on some products—in over 30 major markets coast-to-coast. But though being able to almost-instantly get coffee beans or a Kindle is nice, one product often necessitates such urgency like none other: alcohol. And slowly, Amazon is rolling out Prime Now booze delivery to more U.S. cities.

The latest lucky recipient of alcohol delivery is none other than Amazon headquarter's Pacific Northwest neighbor, Portland, Oregon. Unlike other markets such as Seattle, which was the first to get alcohol delivery via Prime Now back in 2015, and Manhattan, which just got Prime Now alcohol delivery this past June, Portland can only order beer and wine, and not spirits, through the service.

If Portlanders want spirits in a hurry, they'll have to hunt it down a different way like some sort of bourbon-loving caveman. But similar to other cities, customers in Portland are presented with two possible delivery speeds: Prime members can get two-hour delivery for free or up the ante and get one-hour delivery for $7.99. You'll just have to ask yourself, "how quickly is this party falling apart and how much am I willing to pay to save it?"

According to an Amazon representative, of the 30-plus cities that currently have Prime Now, 12 of them are able to bring you beer, wine and sometimes spirits in two-hours or less. The complete list is:

Cincinnati, OH

Chicago, IL

Columbus, OH

Los Angeles, CA

Minneapolis, MN

New York City, NY

Phoenix. AZ

Portland, OR

Richmond, VA

San Diego, CA

San Francisco Bay Area

Seattle, WA

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