By FWx Editors
Updated June 10, 2016

There has been a trend in kitchens towards the sleek and the integrated and the SmartSlab is both. The porcelain slab is, at once, a modern table, a cooktop and a cooler. A collaboration between designers Kram/Weisshaar and SapienStone, which makes huge, high end porcelain slabs, the SmartSlab has two induction heating elements built in that will let you cook right next to your guests with no danger of a flaming, fire ramen situation. It has several other heating elements at seats all the way down the table keeping plates at precisely 42.5 degrees Celsius. Designers also installed several cooling elements throughout to chill white wine or beer or maybe your forehead if your dinner companions start to get grating. And the whole thing is controlled with a slick, integrated touchscreen—no chunky dials or buttons.

The table premiered at Milan Design Week where Michilen-starred chef Massimo Bottura made dinner for 50 people on the table. Unfortunately, the table is still just a prototype, but Reed Kram told Dezeen "There's this incredible work being done by chefs around the world, but little design work around rethinking in a more radical way how we cook and eat. This is just the first investigation."

So who knows, maybe SmartSlabs could show up in home kitchens in the future. At the very least, the next time you’re at Benihana and the chef starts whipping up that onion volcano on the hibachi next to you, you can say, “You call that tableside cooking? This tabelside cooking.” Make sure to do a Paul Hogan voice.