States that Love Ice Cream
Credit: © 145/Jacqueline Veissid/Ocean/Corbis

Chef, television personality and sometimes misanthrope Alton Brown is well known for dabbling in science as well as food. So it should come as little surprise that he would find kindred spirits at Popular Science eager to help him with this impressive, if impractical technique for making ice cream. With some plastic water jugs, a couple fire extinguishers and every scientist’s best friend—duct tape—Brown created a contraption for making what he calls jet cream, or, 10-second ice cream.

If you’re brave and in possession of a couple fire extinguishers, all you have to do is shot one that’s full of CO2 and one that’s full of an ice cream base at each other in a slapdash plastic and tape vessel.

Check out the video below for Browns more thorough instructions.

Not only will this terrifying setup give you ice cream faster than you thought possible, it will also make that ice cream carbonated, giving you a little chocolate tingle on your tongue and making you the envy of all your lame friends who just use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream.