The chef and TV host is asking social media for local recommendations during his upcoming tour.
Alton Brown
Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

After years listening to Alton Brown's sage food advice, fans can finally return the favor. A slew of local news outlets in cities like Richmond and Wichita have reported that host of the soon-to-return Good Eats is asking for locals' suggestions on the best places to eat along his Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science tour.

"Everyone loves telling out-of-towners where to eat," Brown says, explaining his process: "typically, we choose one coffee joint, one breakfast (or doughnut) stop and a lunch stop. Then, after the show, we'll hit a late-night place." He says the recommendation program, which he calls "#ABRoadEats," has been used "tour-after-tour" to great success.

Citizens responding to the crowdsourced call can submit recommendations to Brown's website, or on Facebook and Twitter using the listed hashtag for their city. Always the thorough chef, Brown will then tabulate the votes to make his picks in cities that also include Columbus, Cincinnati, and West Lafayette.

The Eat Your Science tour, which runs from October 17 to November 19, features "songs, multimedia presentations, talk-show antics, and bigger and better potentially dangerous food demonstrations," but it's just one morsel of what Brown currently has cooking. In addition to Food Network's Good Eats revival, called Return of the Eats, the longtime TV host will be taking over Chopped on Tuesday, Oct. 10 for a special five-part tournament called Chopped: Alton's Challenge.

There, Brown will be choosing ingredients for the show's mystery baskets meant to highlight the science of cooking and physics of food, and act as a guest judge for competitors who might have learned a thing or two from Good Eats' original 1999 to 2012 run. Unlike the #ABRoadEats program, he'll be the one making the recommendations, but given the guy has also written eleven books and won both Peabody and James Beard Awards, he's certainly earned the authority.