"Bitter Like Me" is an eclectic mix of musical styles with lyrics all about food.
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Alton Brown is already the Bill Nye of cooking shows with his humorously parody-filled Good Eats, and the Howard Kossel of culinary competitions with his hosting gig on Iron Chef America. But now his latest musical venture just might make him the eclectic king of food tunes ("Weird Al," you're on notice!). The Food Network personality just dropped an album from his band The Alton Brown Trio titled Bitter Like Me, which has Brown singing, rapping, and strumming guitar in a mix of musical styles.

The nine-song album has tracks with titles like "Science!" which proclaims the importance of knowing the why behind how food tastes so good. "TV Chef" is a rap song that satirizes the modern celebrity chefs whose empires are only outsized by their egos. Then there's a countrified, Gordon Lightfoot-y ditty about the pitiful "Airport Shrimp Cocktail." The title track "Bitter Like Me" swings as Brown admits he gets a kick out of acerbic cocktails.

Of course, no album would be complete with a music video. Released last night, the video (what we hope is the first of many) is for a track titled "Pop Song" that's all about his love of popcorn. The video and song have a Devo-meets-Gershon Kingsley vibe while Brown and his band are rained down upon with digital kernels. Brown's lyrics, of course, provide a thorough explanation of the physics behind popcorn during the bridge, while also singing the praises of enjoying it with a good flick or while playing (appropriately enough for to the musical genre) Pong throughout the verses like the below:

Favorite snack,
vegetal crack,
on my back,
movie on my Mac.

Check out the entire video below:

To hear the rest of The Alton Brown Trio's tunes, including a lullaby and an ode the importance of brining turkeys, listen to the entire album on Spotify or buy it on Amazon.

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