A video on the TV host's Twitter feed seems to indicate the series' return.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 07, 2017
Alton Brown
Credit: © Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Alton Brown may just have dropped proof on his Twitter account that Good Eats is returning to television.

If you’re not familiar, Brown, host of Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen, first debuted the show Good Eats on the Food Network in 1999. Before it left the network in 2011, the Brown showed the world how to cook a proper grilled cheese, how to brine and ferment cucumbers to create pickles (with the help of a sock puppet), and explained why French Toast just has to be made with stale bread, all with his goofy film parodies, practical tips and scientific explanations.

Before people were calling things hacks, Brown was sharing them on Good Eats. In one episode for instance, he teaches the audience how to build their own popcorn popper.

The point of Good Eats was, in many ways, to show audiences the most fool-proof way to cook and take the mystery or stigma out of certain ingredients. His signature distaste for the kitchen uni-tasker (the only one he does allow in the kitchen is a fire extinguisher) made him a no-nonsense but hilarious TV chef, back when that concept was just beginning to become popular.

Good Eats only lasted at it’s new home, the Cooking Channel, for one year, finally calling it quits for good in 2012. That doesn’t mean the show is never returning, though.

Yesterday, Brown posted a mysterious Tweet to his account that would appear to be a video teasing the return of Good Eats, with a caption that reads only, "It's time." He hasn’t confirmed where or when the series is returning, not even divulging whether or not the show will be a web series.

He did, however, seem to give us one good tidbit: Lucky Yates, who made several appearances on the show, and is now a voice actor on the animated show Archer, will be “on the menu,” in whatever iteration the show takes on next.

You’ll have to stay tuned to Brown’s social media accounts to find out when and if Good Eats is really coming back, but if this video is any indication, his sock puppets and weird characters will be teaching us how to cook once again.