Alton Brown Admits He 'Was Wrong' to Criticize Buffalo's Chicken Wings—Now He Knows Where to Get the Best Ones

The famed chef caught flak in 2018 for saying that Buffalo lacked good wings. Now he's back to set the record straight.

Alton Brown; buffalo wings
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It took chef Alton Brown less than a dozen words to make enemies out of everyone in the 716 area code. During an April 2018 appearance on the YouTube series "First We Feast," the Good Eats host said "If you want great Buffalo chicken wings, don't go to frickin' Buffalo."

Buffalo residents weren't at all delighted by that comment, and let Brown know about it. "Disappointing to hear such frickin' harsh words from you, NEVER trash our fine City and our WINGS," Buffalo's "Wing King" Drew Cerza tweeted at the time. And WGRZ anchor Kate Welshofer sighed that Brown "doesn't need your anger, he clearly needs your help."

It took four years, but Brown is finally ready to reevaluate Buffalo's signature dish. "Dear Buffalonians, back in 2018, after eating at all the 'famous' places, I complained that I had a very, very bad wing day," Brown posted on Facebook earlier this month. "I've been told since that I just went to the wrong places. So I'm coming back to make amends by taking a whole day off to eat wings. You guys basically invented the global wing craze so please set me on the right path."

Brown did go back to Buffalo last week (and wasn't greeted with torches and pitchforks). According to, Brown went to La Nova, Elmo's Bar and Restaurant, and Bar-Bill Tavern, and he sampled the wings at all of them. (The latter joint, Bar-Bill, was where he ate shortly before he made that "don't go to freakin' Buffalo" comment.)

This time, he seems to have gotten it. "I got majorly schooled on #BuffaloWings today by local experts including [Buffalo News Food Editor] Andrew Galarneau," he wrote on his Facebook page. "I can say, I have had the best buffalo wing of my life and yes, it was in Buffalo. #NowIKnow." And, just in case anyone missed that particular mea culpa, he also reiterated it on Twitter, writing "I was wrong, the best wings are in Buffalo."

Now that he's made peace with everyone, hopefully he won't say anything aggressive about the Buffalo Bills.

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