The host took to social media asking fans to make their voices heard.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated October 25, 2019
Credit: Food Network

For fans of all things gastronomical and geeky, there's no better show than Alton Brown's signature Food Network series Good Eats. But since the finale in 2012, there hasn't been anything else like it to fill the void left by Brown's mix of science lessons, cooking techniques, and pop culture references. That is, until this past August when Good Eats made its triumphant return with a 15th season appropriately titled Good Eats: The Return.

With episodes on sourdough yeast and immersion circulators, and dishes like shakshuka and steak tartare, the latest season ended its 11-episode run in late September. So while Eats devotees may have had their appetites temporarily sated, the future of the show was left up in the air. But on Thursday, Brown took to Twitter to highlight a story from The Wrap in which the president of Food Network suggested more Good Eats episodes were certainly possible:

"If you want this to happen, you should probably speak up and use @FoodNetwork when you do!" Brown urged his followers. The implication? If you tag Food Network on social media, the channel's bigwigs will listen. But based on comments in the article, they may not need too much persuasion.

"We are talking to Alton," Food Network president Courtney White told The Wrap, according to the article Brown retweeted. "But we're hoping to do more with him, and he's obviously so passionate about Good Eats, so we're hoping for more to come." White also hinted that there could be a forthcoming holiday-themed tie-in: "We've actually even been talking about, could we do Good Eats Halloween next year? Which we would love to do. So we're definitely in talks with him about what Good Eats could look like in the future."

Of course, Brown isn't off the air altogether. In addition to a handful of hosting gigs on the Food Network, Brown is also slated to appear on the new Food Network Kitchen app along with fellow stars like Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, and Guy Fieri. The subscription-based service features live-streaming demos in which fans can interact with their favorite on-screen cooks and chefs.