He posted a cryptic clue on Instagram.
Alton Brown
Credit: © Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Food Network's Alton Brown is appearing on Chopped—at least, that seems to be what the star chef and cook book author is saying in two new cryptic Instagram posts that have food show fans and amateur chefs alike abuzz.

On Wednesday, Brown posted a hazy photo of what appears to be his name beneath the TV show's logo, writing, "I've said too much already." He followed up later that evening with another teaser—a video that shows his signature liquid nitrogen bubbling beside a tray of thinly sliced oranges and grapefruit, with a caption that reads, "fun on the set of #chopped." And that, dear foodie friends, is that. Or not.

Because even though it seems pretty darn clear Brown will appear on Chopped, it's still pretty darn unclear in what capacity he'll grace the set. Brown has hosted Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen, and has regularly appeared on Iron Chef, but there's no real way to wager what he'll do on this new-to-him show. Will he compete as a star contestant? Will he serve as a judge? Could he co-host? Or might Brown simply come on an episode to share his secrets for making ice cream with liquid nitrogen?

No one knows, but fans are eager to find out. At publication, nearly 200 comments have been posted to his Instagram photo and video, begging the chef to reveal additional details, expressing excitement for his appearance, and of course, guessing what role he will play in coming episodes of the show.

One commenter gushed her love of Brown through a string of food puns. "You are my culinary inspiration Alton Brown," she wrote. "Olive you! You are the apple of my eye! … Lettuce rejoice! No one com-pears to you!" And another expressed just how enthralled with the news fans really are. "New host? Or competitor? Possibly a judge?!" he guessed. "I'm so excited, I almost forgot to take my soufflé out of the oven!"