The completely dairy-free take on horchata arrives in stores this month.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 11, 2019
Blue Diamond

Plant-based” has become a buzz word lately in the food world, helping to propel Beyond Meat to one of the biggest IPOs on Wall Street. But though vegan foods are booming in that realm, for plenty of plant-based products, this stuff is old hat. Take horchata, for instance, which has been around for centuries. Though many horchata recipes use dairy milk, the plant-based side – often rice milk – is what truly defines horchata. So it makes sense that beverage would continue to find a home in these plant-based-loving times. To wit, the almond giant Blue Diamond has announced a new addition to its Almond Breeze line: Almondmilk Horchata.

The new drink with “hints of cinnamon and vanilla” will be hitting store shelves this month primarily in the Southwest but also in New York and New England. Blue Diamond suggests that this dairy-free horchata is “best served over ice as a standalone beverage,” but could also work as an alternative to milk in cereal, coffee, or smoothies.

Blue Diamond also says that the drink features bilingual packaging, with writing in both Spanish and English. “We’ve deepened our commitment to our customers and raised the bar with this plant-based take on a cherished classic,” Suzanne Hagener, director of brand marketing for Blue Diamond, said in the announcement. “Delicious almondmilk beverages are what we do best and we are thrilled to diversify our Almond Breeze portfolio with another satisfying dairy-free alternative. Made with our Latin American community in mind, this beverage will satisfy our consumers who are looking for a refreshing, delicious-tasting drink.”