By PureWow
Updated July 06, 2016
Credit: © Twenty20

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

Much like nasty sunburns and drippy air conditioners, fruit flies are just an inevitability of summer, right? Wrong. This trick to combat them is super easy--and it will make your kitchen smell great.

What you need: A lemon and a knife.

What you do: Cut the lemon in two and set both sides in the oven on the top rack. Then, leave your oven turned off, but open the door so it’s partially cracked. Wait a few hours before you close the door and turn on your broiler. After a few minutes, turn it off and remove the lemons. Ta-da! Your fruit fly problem should be gone.

Why it works: Think of lemons as a fruit fly’s happy place. You’ll lure them in, then kill them with the heat.

Wow, your kitchen smells great. Just an amazing side effect of your DIY trap.