By Carey Jones
Updated June 26, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Porchetta

We love pork in all its glorious forms. And we love pork sandwiches in all their glorious forms: the bacon on a BLT, pulled pork on a barbecue sandwich, ham(where would any of us be without the ham sandwich?).

But it's hard to dispute the superiority of porchetta. It's an Italian preparation where the pork is covered in garlic, spices and herbs, then roasted until succulent—stick it on bread, and you've got a sandwich for the ages.

The bread: A crusty roll is the ideal vehicle—better for soaking up all those porky juices.

The filling: Traditional porchetta uses both the belly and the loin, though you'll find chefs using various cuts. But perfect porchetta has two key features: super-juicy pork and super-crisp skin. As long as we're clear on these points, the rest will take care of itself.

Where to get it:

Porchetta, New York City. An entire shop dedicated to the glory of the porchetta sandwich—you didn't think we'd leave this cult favorite out, did you? Sara Jenkins has been stacking sandwiches at this East Village hole-in-the-wall for years, and while there are other enticing things on the menu, the classic porchetta sandwich is where it's at.

Roli Roti, Northern CA. This rotisserie truck has grown ever more popular at farmers' markets and events around the Bay Area, and while their rotisserie chicken is noteworthy, their porchetta—on a crusty roll with caramelized onions and watercress—is the real must-order.

Kindred, Davidson NC. Deviating from the classic minimally dressed porchetta sandwich, chef Joe Kindred tops his with yogurt BBQ sauce and slaw, served on a curried milk bun. Unorthodox but oh-so-delicious.