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Recalled Cheese
Credit: Courtesy of Sargento Foods

Another day, another cheese recalled—or at least that's how it's starting to feel.

In recent weeks, several brands have flagged dozens of products as potential health risks after Indiana cheese maker Deutsch Kase Haus confirmed cheeses made at its facility could contain listeria on Feb. 9. But if you don't know what's safe to eat and what belongs in your trash, don't fear. Here's a list of all the affected brands, and where you can get more information on each recall. (And we'll update it as needed.)

Sargento: This cheese company recalled 14 of its cheeses in two separate recalls, with one notice sent on Feb. 10 and a second on Feb. 17. Each of the cheeses, which range from the company's Colby to its pepper jack and shredded cheddar, have the potential to be contaminated with listeria. You can see the complete list of Sargento cheeses recalled here.

Ready Pac: About 59,225 pounds of this brand's chicken salad have been recalled. According to Ready Pac's recall notice posted on Feb. 22, the brand's 7.5-oz. single-serve salad bowl packages of Ready Pac Foods Puro Picante Blazin Hot contain cheese that could be contaminated with listeria. The packages were distributed nationwide.

Saputo: Saputo pulled two of its Gouda cheeses—manufactured under two different brand names—from shelves on Feb. 16. Customers who purchased either the Great Midwest's Applewood Smoked Gouda Cheese or Dutchmark Pasteurized Processed Smoked Gouda Cheese can check this recall notice to get more information.

Guggisberg Cheese: Twelve cheeses—a mix of cheddars and Colby cheeses—from Guggisberg Cheeses could be contaminated with listeria, so the company announced they had been recalled as of Feb. 14. For a complete list of compromised cheeses, see this recall notice.

Choice Farms: This brand’s stuffed mushrooms contain an undisclosed maker’s cheese that the company said on Feb. 13 could be contaminated. Its Traditional Gourmet Portabella Mushrooms, Pizza Style Portabella Mushrooms, and Stuffed Mushrooms have been recalled, according to this notice, where you'll find more info.

Country Fresh: This company sells products that contain Sargento cheeses that have been recalled, so it took its Country Fresh Tuscan Style Mushrooms, Country Fresh Stuffed Mushrooms, Southwest Stuffed Mushrooms, Marketside Garlic Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, and Ready Fresh Go Fruit and Hatch Pepper Cheese from shelves on Feb. 13. You can read the full recall notice here.

Sara Lee: Two of Sara Lee's sliced cheeses—Sliced Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapeno Peppers and Sliced Colby Jack Cheese—were recalled on Feb. 11. If you bought either of those flavors, you can read this recall notice for more details.

MDS Foods: According to this recall notice from Feb. 11, several cheeses across this company's many brands—Meijer, Amish Classics, Deli Readi, Deli Made EZ, Lipari Old Tyme, Duck Deli, and Old Tyme—could be or have found to be contaminated. All counted, more than 25 cheeses are at risk, so it's best to check the notice to see all the various cheeses you should be concerned about and which are safe to eat.

Taylor Farms: Taylor Farms still pulled its Signature Café Southwest Style Salad with Chicken and H-E-B Shake Rattle & Bowl Rowdy Ranch Hand food from shelves on Feb. 11 because the products contain potentially-contaminated Sargento cheeses. You can read this recall notice for more details.

Meijer: This cheese company issued two recalls—one on Feb. 10, flagging its Colby and Colby Jack Bulk cheeses, and a second on Feb. 13 warning its Natural Cheese Chunk Colby and Meijer Natural Cheese Chunk Colby Jack cheeses are at potential risk for listeria. You can find both of the recall notices on Meijer's recall page.

If you find that you've purchased—or worse, eaten—a contaminated product, here's exactly what you need to do next.