A big investment from 'Shark Tank' could signal the beginning of a new trend. 
avocado from mexico
Credit: FotografiaBasica / Getty Images

We’re now well into the second month of 2018, the Olympics are in full swing, hot dogs topped with peanut butter are now a thing, and people still love avocados. We, as a society, are still so obsessed with the trendiest fruit of the last few years, that there are now restaurants that are fully dedicated to avocados. Far from being the last stragglers to catch on to a dying craze, all-avocado restaurants are a booming business, in New York at least. Take Avocaderia, in Brooklyn. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, two of the investors behind Shark Tank, recently gifted the restaurant with a $400,000 cash infusion.

Last summer, Avocaderia’s owners, Franceso Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi, said that they were scouting for locations in order to expand their business to Manhattan. According to Eater, though, another avocado-only restaurant, called Avocado Appetit, which opened in Chinatown just last week, beat them to the city. Avocaderia’s owners seemed to have already left Manhattan behind though: With this new round of funding, they plan to expand to Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego.

The investment also means that Corcoran and Cuban now own a 20 percent stake in the restaurant, which means the pressure is on to make the restaurant a hit outside of the hip neighborhoods of New York City. But for now, Avocaderia is celebrating: All of the restaurant’s merchandise is 15 percent off if you use the code “Shark” at checkout.

Avocaderia’s success on Shark Tank could mean that other aspiring restaurateurs may try their hand at the avocado restaurant business, perhaps similar to the explosion of poke bars that seem to have popped up on every block in the past year. There is no escaping the popularity of the avocado—at least not yet. But hey, there are worse foods for people to be obsessed with. At least the trusty avocado might actually help fight cancer.