Tickets for the experience go on sale today. 

avocado from mexico
Credit: FotografiaBasica / Getty Images

The new trend in museums this year doesn’t seem to be in artists or in paintings, it seems to be in food. It’s probably safe to blame the Museum of Ice Cream—a breakout hit now famous for its Instagram-friendly pool of sprinkles—for each new food-themed museum that pops up to take over your feed. This time it’s a space dedicated entirely avocados.

Healthy, photogenic, versatile—and even somewhat controversial, if you’re putting avocado on toast—this lovely green fruit is getting its very own 6,700 square-foot pop-up in San Diego called The Cado.

The Cado is constructed from 16 shipping containers and will feature seven rooms, all dedicated to a different sensory experience. Some touted features so far include walls made from the skin of avocados in various states of ripening, a cassette which tells the story of the avocado’s journey from trees to the grocery store, and even promises to showcase (using a method that is still unclear) the smell of an actual avocado grove.

I’m sure you’re thinking all that sounds just great, but will you be able to eat avocado while you’re there? While the full menu hasn’t yet been revealed, according to The Cado’s Instagram page, you’ll be able to eat “avocado fare that is California AF.”

So yes, you can probably pick up a slice of overpriced avocado toast while you’re there, but what other life-necessities do these pop-up experiences provide? Opportunities for the kind of joyful, colorful Instagram shots that make the summer heat more bearable, of course. As Delish reports, The Cado will be no different, offering one space that is designed to look like a powder room, as a well as 100-foot ombre wall—perfect for snapping as many pictures as your heart desires.

The Cado opens its doors on June 16, and tickets will cost $27. You can order them here.

There are plenty of other food-themed experiences you should check out this summer. The first ever Museum of Candy is headed to New York at a still undisclosed date this summer, and The Egg House, a pop-up dedicated a giant egg named Ellis, is open in the city until June 27 (Food & Wine got a sneak peek inside).