Take an exclusive look at the trailer for Waters' forthcoming MasterClass on how to cook simple, delicious farm-to-table meals.
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Alice Waters, founder and owner of Chez Panisse, and one of the pioneers of the farm-to-table movement, will soon offer an online cooking class through MasterClass, which will focus on honing the students’ home cooking techniques. In this exclusive trailer for her class, Waters explains that her class will benefit people who want to create simple, nourishing dishes that don’t create waste.

Waters’ approach is to “demystify cooking” for her students, by focusing on natural ingredients. She says she can “teach you about textures and about traditional combinations of flavors and about how to use spices and herbs.” Her course will cover a range of cooking techniques, including grilling, roasting, salad making, and menu planning.

Because Waters is interested in ingredients, especially in terms of their origins, her course will also cover how to effectively shop at your local farmer’s market so that you’ll be able to identify how to pick out the best ingredients for your meals. She hopes to show her students how to use every part of those ingredients so that you learn how to create less waste in the kitchen.

Sometimes called the “mother of American cooking,” Waters runs the Edible Schoolyard program, which teaches young people how to eat sustainably. She’s also vice president of the Slow Food International, which champions efforts to create sustainable agriculture.

“When you change your relationship to food, it can change your life. I want my students to learn what nourishes the body and the soul. By focusing on the ingredients and techniques, cooking will become second nature to them,” said Waters said in a statement.

MasterClass has added seven new instructors to its roster, including several chefs. In addition to Waters, Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck will also be teaching cooking classes through the platform. The newly launched All-Access pass allows students to enjoy all new and existing classes for $180 per year.

Update 5/11: Water's Masterclass will launch on May 25. Find more information at www.masterclass.com/aw