Tostitos is letting you combine elements of your favorite Super Bowl ads to create a personalized, and super-sized, Super Bowl commercial.
tostitos alfonso super bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Beyond football, the Super Bowl is known for two things: commercials and food. This year, Tostitos, the official chip and dip of the NFL, is taking that Super Bowl trifecta to a whole new level with it’s personalized Super Bowl party ad-invite generator.

In a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 80 percent of those who plan to watch the Super Bowl will purchase food and beverages to complement their viewing experience, while 45 million people plan to host their own party. Clearly, Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just the year’s biggest game day, it’s also a time for celebration and togetherness. That’s why, starting today, party hosts can add the signature touch of the cool, hilarious and sometimes ridiculous elements of game-time ads to their own party invites.

“People love watching the ads, so this year we wanted to give people the opportunity to create personalized ads for their Super Bowl parties,” Pat O’Toole, senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay North America, said in a statement.

The digital ad invite creator “Super Bowl Ads for All” encourages party-goers and hosts to share in the fun of eating traditional game day snacks, including Tostitos chips and dip. After plugging the three most important details of any party invite—your name, the party’s location and its start time—into a page on Tostitos’ website, a generated ad will be cooked up and delivered straight to your screen. Not big or wild enough? Hit the remix button, and a new ad with different elements will be created.

It won’t just be any ad-inspired party invite though. The generator combines some of the most memorable elements of Super Bowl ads past—everything from giant explosions and clapping monkeys to talking babies and sassy robots—into one, signature party invitation that no one will forget. And to tie it all together, Alfonso Ribeiro, America's Funniest Home Videos host, PGA Champions Tour National Ambassador, and true '90s icon, guides you through the fireworks and product placements, ensuring your guests aren’t late (or show up without the dip).

For Ribeiro, being a part of the Tostitos ad campaign was a no-brainer, due to the Dallas Cowboys fan’s own love for the Super Bowl and its ability—like food—to bring people closer.

“The Super Bowl is bigger than just the game,” Ribeiro told Food & Wine. “It’s about togetherness. If someone is not into football, you still have something very cool for them to watch during the Super Bowl. With Tostitos, they’ve started [that aspect] of the party well in advance by creating this awesome Super Bowl ad campaign.”

“The Super Bowl for me, my friends and family is always a great time. There’s nothing better,” Ribeiro continued. “At the end of the day to be a part of a completely different way of going at Super Bowl ads is really awesome.”

For those that plan to celebrate their game day in Minneapolis, Tostitos is hosting a Cantina-style experience at Super Bowl Live that will give fans the chance to make their own ad on-site and meet their invitation emcee, Ribeiro, himself.

To create a Super Bowl-worthy party invite that can be emailed or socially shared with all your friends, family, and fellow fans, just visit