Alexa, bring me my coconut water. 
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As if the Amazon and Whole Foods marriage could get even cozier, the shopping behemoth just added a new feature to the mix: You can now use Alexa to compile your grocery list, and if you if you have Prime Now, use the speaker to place your order to get delivered within two hours.

Picture it: You're on the couch on Sunday afternoon and you need to buy groceries for the week. But you're busy, so why would you get off your couch to trek to the grocery store, let alone lift a finger? (Disclaimer: we love grocery stores here, we love spending time in them and love what they stand for, so this is a rhetorical question.) Now you don't have to budge. You can tell Alexa to fill your shopping cart with all the items you need, and get everything delivered to your doorstep if you have Prime Now.

Say, "Alexa, shop Whole Foods," add items to your cart as you think of them, and when you're ready to place your order, simply say, "Alexa, check out." You'll get a link to your Prime Now app on your phone, where you can look over your cart and select two-hour delivery.

The more you shop this way, the better acquainted Alexa will get with your staples, and the easier shopping will become.

Of course, Alexa's always been great at ordering things like paper towels, but this new feature relieves you of braving the Whole Foods crowds IRL.

Amazon has been steadily rolling out benefits to Prime members over this past year, and as of late June, Prime members get discounts at Whole Foods nationwide. Now, Prime members have yet another reason to shop at that grocery store—but you have to have Prime Now.

Just say, "Alexa, shop Whole Foods" to see if you live in one of the dozens of cities where Whole Foods delivery is available via Prime Now.

And once you've gotten your grocery delivered, don't forget to ask Gordon Ramsay to critique your cooking.