Alexa, beer me.
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Credit: ©  Monica Schipper / Getty Images

It’s the dream of every couch potato on planet Earth: the ability to simply announce “Get me a beer!” and have a frothy brew brought right to whichever hand is not currently holding an Xbox controller. Well, Amazon may not have yet perfected all the steps to solve this problem, but the online superstore announced it has conquered one of the most difficult steps. Starting this week, Alexa users in three markets can now simply say, “Alexa, order beer,” and the digital assistant will have beer (or wine or maybe even spirits) delivered right to their door.

Amazon’s Alexa – the voice-activated digital assistant that is probably best known for being used with Amazon’s Echo speaker – has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, also known as “skills,” with new ones being added all the time. The latest addition allows customers of Amazon’s “Prime Now” two-hour delivery service to use “voice shopping.” Though Prime Now is available in over 30 cities, three of those markets are getting a very cool perk: Seattle, Columbus and Cincinnati will also be able to voice shop for alcohol. (Why does Ohio always get to have all the fun?!) Seattle will be privy to beer, wine and spirits; meanwhile, residents in the Ohio cities will only be able to get beer and wine. And of course, everyone has to be at least 21 years of age.

“We’re excited to offer the full Prime Now catalogue with Alexa, including tens of thousands of items, which allows you to refill everyday essentials you’ve just run out of like diapers or dish soap, or cater to unexpected guests with merlot and ice cream, all without ever leaving your house or even getting up from the couch,” Assaf Ronen, Vice President of Voice Shopping, said in a statement. As for voice-activated two-hour alcohol delivery specifically, Amazon suggests the service can help users “re-stock their party while watching the game, playing cards or dancing to their favorite song.” Though keep in mind that, come on, people, I have work tomorrow!

As if booze delivery wasn’t exciting enough regardless, USA Today also says that beer and white wine will arrive already chilled in a refrigerated bag, meaning you’ll be able to drink as soon as it shows up. So granted, you still may have to get up off the couch and answer the door, but seriously, what more could you want? Maybe Amazon to hangout and watch the game with you? Hopefully Alexa will one day get a skill to discuss whether or not she thinks this will finally be Gonzaga’s year to reach the Final Four.