Aldi's One Road Shiraz ranked ahead of several much more expensive wines in the prestigious Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.
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Credit: NurPhoto / Getty Images

If Shiraz is your wine of choice, then you may want to make Aldi your new supplier, because the European discount grocery store chain's $7 AUD (a little over $5 US) bottle just won gold in one of the most prestigious single-glass wine competitions out there. The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge, a 23-year old event focusing on the Shiraz grape variety, evaluates wine based on a point scale, with wines scored 18.5 or above gaining the gold rank, which can be used on the wine's packaging.

Awarded 18.5 points by the competition's panel of six judges, Aldi's One Road Shiraz is one of a few dozen wines to tie for the highest rating, but it's far and away the cheapest. The accomplishment is even more impressive when you scroll down the list and see that the $7 bottle beat out a 2013 vintage that retails for $350 AUD ($267 US), as well as several other $200-plus Shirazes in the lineup whose average price was $54. Of course, whether you'd rather spend your $350 of Shiraz money on a single silver-awarded bottle or a cool fifty bottles of Aldi's gold-ranked red is up to you.

Once you try the One Road Shiraz, you'll be treated to what Aldi's site describes as a medium-bodied red that's "clean and fruit driven with no sign of wood," in which "the aromas of plum and spice continue on the palate, with ripe and powdery tannins to finish." Perhaps sensing things to come, it also calls it "exceptional value for money."

Though Aldi's One Road Shiraz is still the cheapest by far, it's not the only Australian Shiraz Challenge gold winner to retail for under three figures, with the award for "Best Shiraz of Show" going to the Robert Oatley Vineyard's $25 AUD 2015 Four in Hand Barossa. Unfortunately, though, this great Shiraz value does have one drawback: currently, you can only get it in Australia.