Aldi Is Releasing a Hot Sauce Advent Calendar This Year

Get ready for 25 days of heat.

Two years ago, Aldi decided to create its own holiday in honor of its popular line of Advent Calendars. Using the, uh, legally binding and totally legit method of a Facebook post, the grocery chain designated the first Wednesday in November as National Advent Calendar Day and in the years since, that's when its highly anticipated calendars have appeared on its shelves.

This year's National Advent Calendar Day falls on Wednesday, November 2, and true to form, Aldi will be releasing 25 different calendars in its stores throughout the United States. In addition to returning faves like the Wine Advent Calendar — which has 24 different bottles of wine behind its little cardboard doors — the Beer Advent Calendar, and the Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar, there are three new calendars making their debut this year.

ALDI Advent Calendars Bay Island Hot Sauce

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the lineup is the Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar ($19,99) which is filled with 24 individual .84-ounce bottles of hot sauce that cover a range of heat from gentle to Ghost Pepper. The calendar includes four different chipotle pepper sauces (including an intriguing Chocolate Chipotle version), three Habanero sauces, two jalapeño pepper sauces and (thankfully) one Sriracha sauce.

Aldi Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

The other new calendars are the Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar and a Moser Roth Eight Nights of Hanukkah calendar.

Returning advent calendars on offer next week include a hard seltzer calendar, two different chocolate and chocolate truffle calendars, treat-filled calendars for both dogs and cats, a Disney book calendar, and several different Lego calendars (which will be incredible until the day you step on one of the pieces). A full list of all of this year's Advent Calendars can be found on Aldi's website.

As always, Aldi's Advent calendars will be available while supplies last and the company stresses that they will not be restocked once they inevitably sell out. "If your local Aldi store is out of stock of alcohol and cheese Advent Calendars, we suggest visiting other Aldi locations to see if they have any of the Advent & Holiday Calendars you are looking for in stock," the company recommends.

The Advent and Holiday calendars will also be available for curbside pickup and delivery starting on Thursday, November 4. Several calendars — including the Wine and Hard Seltzer versions — have a limit of two per customer, and others "are subject to purchase limitations based on availability."

Now if only there were a fun wine- or cheese-filled calendar that we could use to count down the days until these calendars went on sale.

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