Today's forecast is...sliced meats. 
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Sure, Al Roker is best known as America's favorite weatherman, but the Today co-anchor has another, perhaps even deeper passion: sandwiches. Specifically, making (and eating) sandwiches with his celebrity friends, as he does on his new web series, Cold Cuts. (Tagline: "Where we pile on the questions and pile on the meats.")

Launching now on, and Today's YouTube channel (as well as Today's OTT apps, like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku), Cold Cuts is a short-form, bi-weekly show that's scheduled to run through the summer. In the first episode, posted above, Roker hangs out with Cheech and Chong—who, by the way, have found a new kind of fame by reposting weed memes on Instagram—in celebration of the 40th anniversary of their movie, Up in Smoke. They hand him a vape pen! He says, "Well, hello!" and places it at the very farthest end of the table.

As for the sandwich-making, the first ingredient Cheech and Chong consider is chicharrones, or pork rinds. (That's where Richard Anthony "Cheech" Marin's nickname came from—apparently, as a newborn baby, he resembled the snack.) I won't spoil their final creations for you, except to say that Cheech's sandwich is called "Jambon et Frommage," and Chong's is titled "The Prison Special." Both look amazing.

If Al Roker seems especially at-home on set—he chats with Cheech and Chong about everything from the legalization of marijuana to onion-cutting techniques over the course of the eight-minute episode—it may be because the guy really loves food. He regularly gets behind the stove during culinary segments on Today, and is constantly trying local fare while on the road. Last year, he even partnered with Shake Shack on a new signature menu item called The Roker Burger—a beef patty topped with pulled pork.

After finishing the first episode of Cold Cuts, I had one question for Al Roker: What's your favorite sandwich? And, despite the fact that he's probably sampled some of the country's most inventive ones, the response he sent via email was a three-ingredient classic: "a simple grilled cheese, especially with white bread, bacon and American cheese." It's not like there's a right answer here, but...yes, that is correct.