Featuring holiday recipes from around the world, Airbnb's is promoting its “Experiences” which include cooking classes.
airbnb holiday recipes aletria
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

Renting someone’s apartment or house through Airbnb can offer a number of advantages over a hotel. One of the most obvious ones it that, unlike the vast majority of traditional hotels, Airbnb’s tend to come with a kitchen, allowing you to cook while you travel. But Airbnb has another idea for you: Why not learn to cook while you travel?

Beyond offering places to stay, Airbnb also offers what the company calls “Experiences” while you travel. And apparently, cooking classes are one of the more popular options, so to hammer this idea home, Airbnb has just released a series of YouTube videos featuring “Holiday Recipes from Around the World.”

“According to a survey by Harris Poll/Airbnb, a majority of travelers (54%) like to cook as well as eat out while traveling—so it’s no surprise that food Experiences like cooking lessons with celebrated local chefs are most popular among Airbnb guests,” the company writes. “So to celebrate the season, we asked a few of our Experience hosts to share some of their favorite recipes for the holidays. From soups to side dishes and desserts, here’s a peek at some beloved holiday dishes contributed by hosts around the world—and how you can try them at home.”

In total, the series includes three videos featuring dishes from different parts of the world. In the first video, Tolga Von Klein, a host of Portuguese Seafood Class in Lisbon, demonstrates how to create the local dish, Aletria, described as a Christmas dessert made with angel hair pasta.

Next up, Daniel Tan, host of Singapore’s Cultural Cooking Workshop, shows how to create a local spicy noodle soup, Peranakan Laksa.

And in the final video, chef Jayne Reichert, host of Market Cooking Class in Sausalito, California, shows off one of her local, seasonal specialties, Persimmon and Burrata Caprese with Pork Crackling Sage Gremolata.

Overall, the videos are short and to the point, and though the videos don’t contain links to the recipes in the descriptions, you can find all of them on Airbnb’s website. Though if they gave all the secrets away in the videos, you wouldn’t have any reason to book an Experience, would you?