You Can Rent This 500-Year-Old British Pub on Airbnb and Pour Your Own Pints

The owner of the 16th-century White Hart Inn will even stock the beers of your choice.

The inside of a 16th century pub available for rent on Airbnb
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

One of the differences between American bars and British pubs is that — true to their name as "public houses" — the "landlord" (aka manager or owner) of a British pub often lives on the premises. Typically, the downstairs is the public bar for drinking and the upstairs is the private residence. For fans of a pint, this may sound like fun: Wake up late, roll downstairs, and fire up your watering hole. But the joys of living where you work can quickly run thin, especially with constantly flowing booze.

So what if you wanted to give it a trial run? Or maybe simply experience the fun of having a pub for a few days before leaving it all behind? An English pub owner in Lincolnshire is offering just that: a chance to rent an entire 16th-century pub on Airbnb.

Outside of a 16th century pub available for rent on Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Located in Tetford, about a four-hour drive north of London on England's east coast, The White Hart Inn is about as traditional as they come: ivy-covered on the outside, wood décor on the inside, with four cask lines, another five or so draft lines, a small pool table, and a dartboard. The six-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom property has room for about 14 guests who will all be of your choosing because the entire pub would be yours.

"With this property, you'll have exclusive access to the bar, lounge, dining area, kitchen, games room and garden," the listing states. "Experience what it feels like to own your own bar for a long weekend. Order ahead of time and we'll even hook up beers and lagers of your choice into the pumps."

The owner suggests that the venue is "perfect for a wedding reception, birthday parties, or christenings" — though a quick scan of the review reveals it has also been used for things like stag dos (aka bachelor parties) or just general rowdiness. "Having a whole pub to yourself is as good as it sounds!" a reviewer from this past November proclaimed.

One of the bedrooms inside a 16th century pub available for rent on Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Amazingly, the whole thing was going for only about $900 a night, seemingly a solid deal when divided out across a dozen or more guests. But availability may now be harder to come by: The property went viral over the weekend in the U.K., garnering coverage from major news sites like the Mail Online, Timeout, and The Drinks Business, and it appears that the owner has, at least temporarily, removed all the reservation dates from Airbnb.

In the meantime, maybe that job opening for a pub "king" on England's west coast is still available?

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