Some say the mystery dish is chicken, others think it's a scone.

By Jelisa Castrodale
Updated October 31, 2019

For the past 28 years, two identical Boeing 747-200B jets have both shared the title of Air Force One as they've transported the current president and four of his predecessors. In addition to the Prez, the massive planes can accommodate 70 passengers and a 26-person crew, and the two galleys are legit #kitchengoals, with enough space to prepare—or at least reheat—100 servings of a meal at one time.

Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

We don't know how many people were on board at lunchtime on Monday, but a photo of the flight's Halloween-themed entree has caused a lot of confusion here on the ground. Michelle Kosinski, a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent at CNN, tweeted a picture of the meal, which included an orange bell pepper that had been given a tiny jack-o'-lantern face, a green salad, and... well, nobody's really sure what that other thing is.

Although the carved pepper is clearly supposed to be the star of this midday meal, it's impossible to ignore the item on the smaller plate in the upper left-hand corner of the serving tray. It also seems equally impossible to identify, although that hasn't stopped The Internet from trying.

"I love a chicken breast with donut glaze, that's real good eats," one person responded. "Is that a chicken thigh or a scone on the side?" another added, noting that she and her coworkers were "in a fight about it." Still others suggested that the puzzling-looking food could be bread pudding, "smashed potatoes with icing," an apple fritter, "the melted head of Dobby the Elf," a ham hock, raw chicken, a human heart, "a frozen sloth head," coffee cake, a fox skull, or a cinnamon roll.

Two days later, and there are still no answers—but every Halloween is supposed to have a spooky mystery or two, right?