It actually sounds quite good.

Credit: S3studio/Getty Images

While airplane food isn’t always synonymous with world-class dining, some carriers serve such impressive in-flight menus that they've taken their dishes to land. In 2017, Air New Zealand opened a London pop-up called “This Is How We Fly," showcasing new menu items like lamb with minted peas, braised lettuce with bacon lardons, and salt roasted crushed new potatoes with mint jelly—which certainly beats your average chicken and frozen vegetable in-flight entrée. Up next? AirAsia announced that it will be launching a fast-food restaurant of its own, reports Skift, and the menu will feature dishes and recipes straight from the cabin.

There aren’t many details available yet about when the restaurant will open, where it will open, and how many locations there will be, or even which dishes will appear on the menu. However, we do know that said restaurant will be called Santan (coconut milk, in Malay), which is the name of the airline's in-flight menu. Santan currently offers everything from Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Naan to Mapo Tofu with Rice—even Pumpkin Kootu and Vegetable Jalfrezi with Jeera Rice, and Roasted Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce. So it sounds like we could be in for a pretty diverse spread once the on-the-ground Santan opens. And, several dishes are also dietary restriction-friendly, like the Vegetable Rice Bowl, which is free of dairy, egg, garlic, and onion—hopefully, they’ll transition to the new restaurant as well.

In other airplane food news, the world’s longest flight—aka Singapore Airline’s 19-hour non-stop between Newark and Singapore—has a slick new spa-inspired menu, thanks to a collaboration with Canyon Ranch. You’ll be able to enjoy sparkling rosehip pink lemonade, "Alaskan King Crab Singapore salad," lemon-chamomile panna cotta, and more onboard. The best part? With lower fat, carb, and sodium content, you can feast on your flight and still land feeling refreshed.