There seems to be a wine packaging moment at hand. Time's Joel Stein had a story last Thursday about the advent of wine in plastic bottles, wine in tetrapaks, wine in screw-tops, and etc. Then I received one of those mysterious calls out of the blue to appear on CNN International over the weekend (I wish they'd use something like the bat signal, maybe with a wine glass, but instead they like to phone up) to weigh in on Cordier's recent decision to start selling wine in sippy-boxes. I weighed in as requested, but in doing a bit of research beforehand discovered what, to me, is an interesting factoid: the US has the highest legal drinking age in the world. (In France, by contrast, it's 16.) I also discovered that Cordier's sippy-box wines come with a special straw perforated with four holes that spray the wine into your mouth, thus simulating the feel of drinking from a glass.

Because I know that whenever I take a sip from a glass, the damn thing sprays the wine all over my mouth. In fact, sometimes if I'm not looking the thing'll go haywire and spray wine all over the wall, too, or the cat. It's like the spray attachment on a sink. Only possessed.

Really, what are these Cordier people thinking?