The Japanese love their cats. Obviously. So much so, that they even let them in the kitchen while they cook. That’s essentially the premise of the videos that come out of Jun’s Kitchen. Jun would be Japanese chef Jun Yoshizuki who employs as his sous chef an orange cat named Kohaku. (If Jun, was smart he would have named the series Kohaku’s Kitchen, but that’s a discussion between him, his cat and his marketing team.) In the past Yoshizuki and Kohaku have prepared everything from ramen, to incredibly intricate koi-shaped sushi.

In his most recent video the man/cat duo make omurice, a Japanese rice omelet. Since the dish hasn’t really taken off in America yet, the video is worth a watch for Yoshizuki’s meticulously shot instructions alone—the complete recipe is in the video description.

But back to that cute cat for a moment: Perched on top of the fridge, Kohauku doesn’t seem to contribute much to the process. Although that might be an unfair characterization. Maybe he has excellent managerial skills.