Sacre bleu! I was shocked to hear that the powers-that-be at Disney have pulled the plug on their Ratatouille Chardonnay, as reported by this story in the LA Times. Evidently the grand high Mouse started getting complaints both from people who objected to a wine marketed in conjunction with a kids' film, as well as from California wineries who objected to Disney promoting French wine.

Instead, they will now be releasing a new line of Remy the Rat guns and cigarettes.

Just kidding. What I really want to know, actually, is why they were releasing a 2004 white Mâcon in the first place, given that the 2005s have been on the market for months, and the 2006s are already starting to show up. Having seen the movie (and loved it, incidentally), I can tell you that Remy—a rat of impeccable taste—would not have approved.