"With this 'Oktoberfesterization,' the sneaker will survive every beer shower."


Plenty of people see images from Oktoberfest—servers carrying trayfuls of massive steins filled to the brim and overflowing with beer—and think, "Party!" Meanwhile, an extremely uptight subset of the population must see those same photos and think, "All that spillage must be hell on people's footwear!" Well, those in the latter group will be happy to hear that athletic wear brand Adidas has come to the rescue, releasing a pair of special "durable puke and beer repellent" Oktoberfest sneakers.

Before you judge, those are the shoe brand's actual words. These "Adidas Originals München 'Oktoberfest'" are "made from the finest leather with DPBR coating." Yes, "DPBR" actually stands for "durable puke & beer repellent"—though we're not sure if that is a technical shoe industry term or not. And just in case you weren't sold solely on the term "DPBR coating" (which some people probably were), the German-made shoes also boast "rich embroidery to match your lederhosen, inner lining with red/white micro-check tablecloth for that special alpine flavor, the golden 'Prost' as mark for your drinking excellence," and, of course, a custom beer mug.

But though the shoes definitely look slick with all those additional details, the crazy coating is still their biggest selling point. "Adidas Originals has thought of every obstacle," the brand explains. "To withstand the rigors of the 'Oktoberfest,' the shoe will come with a water-repellent—and most importantly, a beer-repellent—treatment. With this 'Oktoberfesterization' the sneaker will survive every beer shower." Man, Adidas is just making up terms left and right, isn't it? Very relevant words, of course, but good luck finding many Google results for the word "Oktoberfesterization" (until now, that is).

These Oktoberfest specific shoes go on sale tomorrow, September 2, at just after midnight Central European Summer Time exclusively at the 43einhalb online sneaker store. Each pair is a mere €199.95 (about $238) or about as much as your Oktoberfest beer budget.