Adele, pizza
Credit: © Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Adele can make news doing just about anything, including eating a late lunch. The "Hello" singer set Twitter on fire yesterday with the news that she was eating the best burrito of her entire life.

At the time of this article, Adele’s dalliance with Mexican food has been retweeted over 37,000 times. Still, despite the obvious demand for more information, no one knows for sure where this epic burrito came from. Based on her touring schedule though, it’s likely that she had her “explosively joyous moment” in Los Angeles. Since I spent eight years living and eating burritos in LA (and going on celebrity runs for them), here are a few candidates that may have been responsible for Adele’s Burrito Moment.


While this is a chain that reaches from San Diego to Missouri, the burritos are so huge and popular that they have developed a certain cachet in Southern California with anyone under 30. If it weren’t for LA’s pesky car culture and Freebirds' inconvenient location in Marina Del Rey there would be a line of drunken college students around the block at all times. Freebirds is also where “regular” people who fancy themselves too good for Chipotle go to get their burritos and Adele certainly has a “they’re just like us” thing going for her.

Tacos Tumbras a Tomas

If she happened to still be at the Staples Center and feeling hungry she could have sent someone to wait in line for her at this decades-old institution inside Grand Central Market. It’s not flashy—heck it doesn’t even have a website, but this extra large food stall makes some of the best carnitas in the city (and if they’re some of the best in LA, they’re some of the best anywhere in the country).

Poquito Más

Look, I’m not saying I hope she got her burrito from this LA chain. But I can tell you that there was a time in my professional life when I had to pick up food for famous people, including musicians, and I made more than a few stops at the West Hollywood location.


The tiny stand in Los Feliz is more famous for its tacos, but the burritos (particularly the cochinita pibil and the smothered mole versions) have developed a reputation for good reason. How they manage to pack all that burrito goodness into such a small space is an impressive feat.

La Azteca

Honestly, this does not seem like the most likely place for Adele to have gotten her burrito—getting here involves a trek east of the 710 freeway—but let’s dare to dream shall we, because it certainly would be the best. The inexpensive little storefront in East Los Angeles has been making tortillas in-house since the ‘60s. The chile relleno burrito is not to be missed.

Honorable mention:

El Chato

Adele certainly seems like the sort of person that would be willing to pick up food in a gas station parking lot and that’s where you’ll find El Chato, hands down the finest Mexican food truck in the city (if anyone is trying to find it, it’s across the street from the Arco on Olympic and La Brea). Sadly for Adele the truck doesn’t open until 9 PM, long after 4 PM when she was gushing about her burrito experience.