With the debut this fall of the Leopold Museum, featuring the biggest collection of Egon Schieles ever seen (not to mention Klimts and Kokoschkas), Vienna's MuseumsQuartier is finally complete. Secreted behind the Baroque facade of the former royal stables, it's one of the largest cultural complexes in the world--and an architectural wonder, thanks to Laurids Ortner's bold, blocky, un-Baroque buildings. Keeping the Leopold company are nine other institutions, including the Kunsthalle, an architecture center and a children's museum. These restaurants are almost as new:

Aioli Vienna meets the Mediterranean: French, Spanish and Italian dishes; interiors from two young Spanish designers (Stephansplatz 12; 011-43-15-32-03-73).

Bauer Near the city's center, Bauer has a new chef and a new lease on life-which pleases the winemaker regulars (Erdbergerstrasse 150; 011-43-17-14-31-26).

Halle A bi-level contemporary gallery of Italian-Asian cuisine, this was the first restaurant inside the MuseumsQuartier (1 Museumsplatz; 011-43-15-23-70-01).

Hansen In an ancient Roman market hall he shares with a florist, Gunther Sperl produces modern Viennese dishes (1 Wipplingerstrasse 34; 011-43-15-32-05-42).

Meinl am Graben Austro-Italian food and the town's best cheese board (Am Graben 19; 011-43-15-32-33-34).

Vestibül This marble chamber was once the emperor's coatroom; a trend-conscious wine list specializes in Austrian reds (Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 2; 011-43-15-32-49-99).

-K. S.