The vodka brand wants the world to know it has “nothing to hide.”
absolut nothing to hide ad
Credit: Courtesy of Absolut

Absolut Vodka is one of those brands whose advertising has possibly been more famous than the product itself. Frankly, it makes sense: When you’re trying to sell consumers on what is essentially a clear, (relatively) odorless and tasteless booze, you need something to stand out from the crowd. Since the ‘80s, for Absolut, those signature ads have been simple bottle shots with a two work phrase that states “Absolute [whatever].” But with the prevalence of print advertisements waning and competition from craft spirit makers growing, Absolut has had to find a new eye-catching approach, and for its newest campaign, the vodka maker has resorted to one of the oldest attention-grabbers in the book: nudity.

Ironically enough, however, while most alcohol brands might have opted for the less-than-attainable figures of models or actors, Absolut has taken the opposite approach: Framed as a parody employee induction film, the new spot called “The Vodka With Nothing To Hide” shows current employees (though actual employment status outside of this commercial is unverified) doing the job of making vodka completely in the buff (with the obligatory blurring of certain body parts, of course).

“When we first discovered how Absolut make their vodka, we were immediately taken by how proud they were of their process,” Anthony Austin, executive creative director for BBH, the agency behind the ad, was quoted as saying. “We wanted to celebrate that openness, in a way that felt true to their Swedish identity…. And being the good humored Swedish souls that they are, they jumped at the chance to bare all to the world."

Though showing employees handling quality control while needless naked is intended to be a bit of fun, Absolute also hammered home this message about how the company operates. “In an age where brand transparency is rare, Absolut felt it was important to put everything on display and show viewers exactly what modern vodka crafting looks like,” a spokesperson for the brand said according to The Drinks Business. “Absolut is proud to take responsibility from seed to bottle and source wheat from 338 farms in southern Sweden where each farmer is known by name.” And possibly known by other identifying marks as well.