Instead of tossing out prosaic scraps like potato peels, F&W’s Grace Parisi uses them in delectable recipes.


Chef Ideas for Scraps

Brownie Scraps

Douglas Keane, the chef at Cyrus in Healdsburg, California, serves brownies that need to be “squared off” before they’re put on plates. The edges become the base for a chocolate custard Keane serves at his burger joint, Healdsburg Bar and Grill.

Carrot Tops

Jeremy Fox, the chef at Ubuntu in Napa Valley, California, blends blanched carrot tops with olive oil, pine nuts and garlic to make a lively pesto for olives.

Leek Greens

At Aigre Doux in Chicago, chef Mohammad Islam pickles leek greens and tosses them into lobster pasta to add tanginess and texture.


Chef Monica Pope at T’Afia in Houston prepares a gratin with chard, mushroom and broccoli stems.

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