Andreas Viestad’s Garden of Elgin is on the Green Mountain Eco Route, about an hour from Cape Town. Local growers are devoted to promoting biodiversity. Here, some highlights:

Paul Cluver Wines

The winery sells crisp Sauvignon Blancs and other bottlings, all great for picnics at their amphitheater, where there’s live music on summer Saturday nights.

Oude Molen Distillery

A one-hour tour focuses on the making of the world-renowned brandy, followed by tastings.

Houw Hoek Farm Stall

The stand carries pies and cakes, and you can rent fly-fishing gear; any trout you catch at one of the stall’s dams can be cooked at the restaurant.

Beaumont Wines

Only 85 of the Beaumont family’s nearly 1,000 acres have been turned into vineyards; the rest of the estate has been left wild to protect indigenous plants and animals. Call in advance to set up a tour or stay in one of the guest cottages.

Goedvertrouw Wine Estate

The bed-and-breakfast here is a locavore’s dream: Owner Elreda Pillmann makes butter with milk from her own cows and feeds the whey to her pigs.

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