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Kids' Cookware SiliconeZone's Flexible Baking Molds are for tots with toques ($25 for a 10-piece set; 212-352-9256). Kaiser's Kinder Bakeware includes miniature pans as well as whisks and spatulas designed for little hands ($5 to $20; 800-966-3009).

Kettle Russell Hobbs' stainless steel Mona Electric Kettle updates a mundane appliance by giving it a sleek look ($100; 800-233-9054).

Dessert Maker Torn between mocha and vanilla? Cuisinart's Flavor Duo Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker lets you make both at the same time ($100; 800-726-0190).

Electric Mop Hoover's Floor Mate looks like a vacuum cleaner but cleans hard surfaces rather than rugs. Rotating brushes scrub with soapy water, a vacuum sucks it up, and a squeegee finishes the drying ($200; 888-HOOVER5).

Precious Metal Titanium is replacing stainless steel as the kitchen material of choice. LG Electronics has two new refrigerators with titanium-finish doors that look like stainless but won't show fingerprints: the Internet Fridge, with a built-in computer screen and digital camera ($10,000), and the extra-efficient door cooling fridge ($1,300; 866-473-5554). Titanium also appears in the composite nonstick surface on Meyer's new Circulon Steel cookware line; the metal helps strengthen the extremely durable coating ($20 to $80; 800-326-3933).

Dual Function KitchenAid's Coffee Grinder also works for spices; the bowl is removable and dishwasher-safe, so Szechuan peppercorns won't taste like French roast ($40; 800-541-6390).