Tasting Table editor Nick Fauchald eats out five nights a week, trains for triathlons and—in his spare time—gives his grill a workout with the recipes here.

When I'm not dining in restaurants, I'm running away from them. My job as the editor of TastingTable.com, an epicurean daily e-mail, puts me in front of a menu at least five nights a week. Over the years, I have tried to balance my health-hazardous career with a hobby-turned-obsession as a triathlete and long-distance runner. But even twice-a-day workouts aren't enough, so I've learned to cook more healthfully at home. As someone who buys butter in bulk, this has not been easy. I've always considered "lean protein" my nemesis, but I've learned to make the most of less-fatty cuts of pork, chicken and fish.

Some tricks I've learned: Where I once leaned on the deep-fryer for crispy fish sandwiches, I now grill the fillets and coat them with toasted panko to get the texture I crave, then use tangy (and fat-free) fromage blanc to make the sandwich's creamy remoulade. Rich beef bulgogi is my favorite Korean dish; at home, I swap out the meat for lean chicken, pounded thin and soaked in a sweet, gingery marinade. And while I'll never turn down juicy pork belly in a restaurant, I've embraced healthier pork tenderloin at home, which I punch up with a spicy jerk marinade and a bright pineapple salsa.

Nick Fauchald's Workout Fuels

Bananas "There's always one tucked inside my bike jersey for keeping my muscles full of potassium during long rides."

Chia Seeds "The same seeds that sprout on clay animals are loaded with protein, fiber and omega-3s. I mix them with water and lime juice so they form a hydrating gel to drink before long runs."

Chocolate Milk "Full of carbs, protein and calcium, it's a great recovery drink (hey, Michael Phelps swears by it)."

Eggs "For pure protein and lots of nutrients, nothing is better than scrambled eggs."

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