1. Boudin Noir Spicy blood sausage, black in color.
  2. Cochon de Lait Milk-fed baby pig, roasted whole.
  3. Fromage de Tête Head cheese, made from meaty bits of the pig’s head that are seasoned then combined with the gelatinous cooking broth.
  4. Grattons or Grattelons Small frizzled cubes of fat and pork, similar to cracklings.
  5. Jambon Persillé Molded dish of cooked ham pieces and parsley bound with meat-and-wine-flavored aspic.
  6. Pâté de Campagne Rustic pork terrine.
  7. Pieds de Cochon Pig’s feet, split in half, simmered, then coated with bread crumbs and grilled.
  8. Porchetta Spit-roasted whole pig.
  9. Rillettes Pork belly cooked slowly in lard, then finely chopped or pureed until it resembles a smooth pâté.
  10. Saucisson Fresh or cured sausages such as saucisson aux pistaches (with pistachios).